Bol Park – Palo Alto, California


After a few months into the pandemic, we quickly realized we needed to find more places to go on the weekend that were outside. We were happy with going to Alum Rock Park and Vasona, but we needed another place to add into the rotation.

A few weeks prior, we had taken a drive up to Palo Alto and on the way there I saw a bike trail! I was so excited. Bike trails for us are so great because they’re stroller friendly.

I got back home and quickly opened up google maps to try to find this bike trail I had seen. With a little luck and perseverance, I found it! Bol Park! Then… I googled Bol Park and found out on the weekends they have Donkey’s that graze in the park! The donkey’s are actually nearby all year long, but on the weekend they graze in Bol Park.

I couldn’t find a parking lot, so I found what looked like a street nearby we could park on and the following weekend we went to check it out.

This place is sooooooo great! We got there early (I had a feeling the street parking might fill up quickly, and I was right), pulled out the stroller and away we went.

This bike path is really great, almost completely flat, felt safe, and it wasn’t really busy.

When we turned around to come back, we saw the donkey’s! There were too many people next to the donkey’s, so we didn’t get close at that point. We decided to go on the opposite end of the bike path, and when we got back to the car, the donkey’s were right next to the car! We didn’t stay long (again, there were a lot of people around), but it was still so cool! The animals looked clean and well taken care of.


Parking: We parked on the street around 3590 Laguna Ave in Palo Alto, right next to Bol Park

Stroller Friendly: 5/5

Donkey’s Stroll to Bol Park: Sundays 10-11am

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