San Jose Municipal Rose Garden – San Jose, California

I think I’ve been avoiding writing this blog post because I knew how difficult it would be for me, emotionally.

During our less than 1 year in San Jose, I took Akaash to this Rose Garden many times. Many many times.

This is definitely a hidden gem in San Jose. When I first came here with Akaash, I was trying to find things to do with him outside, naturally so, as it was around the time of the beginning of the pandemic.

I remember when I first drove by with him, I couldn’t find the entrance, and was extremely frustrated. I just wanted to go for a walk (somewhere other than our neighborhood) where I felt safe (where there were enough people around). Finally I just parked and took him out of the car (he was still sleeping in the Donna Stroller, so I just unlatched the car seat and kicked down the legs of the Donna Stroller. More on this on another post.)

I called my mom, again, frustrated, and then I saw it! The entrance to the Rose Garden!

Phew. All was not lost. I had had such high hopes for this Rose Garden, and honestly, I needed it.

I started walking around and was so happy I had not given up. This is a spectacular garden.

There are benches and roses galore, and even a gorgeous fountain in the center. Also, there is a sidewalk around the perimeter of the Rose Garden (where you’ll start to notice “the regulars”). There is also a fantastic place under trees to sit and have a picnic.


Stroller Friendly: 5/5

Comfortable coming by myself: 5/5

Parking: 5/5 (I only went during the week, so not sure how the parking is on the weekend)

Bathrooms: Check the website, there are bathrooms present, just make sure they’re currently open.

Food: Not available

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