Vasona Lake County Park – Los Gatos, California

Vasona was definitely one of our other “go to” places in San Jose. I took Akaash here by myself during the week A LOT and was sooooo happy this place existed, especially during a pandemic.

The first time we went to Vasona was on a weekend. We came early (almost as soon as the gates opened) because I wasn’t sure how much parking would be available. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Vasona had lots of parking. I remember even when we left we still saw a few spots available in the parking lot we had chosen.

There are multiple parking lots at Vasona, and from what I remember all of them are close to the central walking path. During the week I would have no problem parking in my parking lot of choice.

As a side note, this place gets BUSY very quickly on the weekend. However, during the week there were enough people here for me to feel fine with coming alone with Akaash.

The walking/bike path is almost completely flat, ideal for walking with a stroller, and bike riding. Much of the path is not shaded, but there are some shaded spots on the path. I would definitely recommend sunscreen/hats for this outing.

During the week, I would switch up between going to the Municipal Rose Garden and here (and my neighborhood) for walks with Akaash. It was so nice to have a couple places that I felt completely comfortable taking him during the week.

As another side note: Vasona has a fantastic play ground for kids, just make sure to check the website beforehand to make sure it’s open, it was closed at one point because of Covid-19 restrictions.


Stroller Friendly: 5/5

Comfortable coming by myself: 5/5

Food available: No (But I do remember there being benches/picnic tables available)

Parking: 5/5

Bathrooms: They were open when we were there, but check the website beforehand.

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