Alum Rock Park – San Jose, California

The number of times we went to Alum Rock Park during our less than 1 year stay in San Jose was A LOT.

This was definitely our weekend “go to” place.

I will let you know in advance, this place gets BUSY on the weekend. If you are particular about which parking lot to park in (to be able to access your particular trail) I would suggest coming early, like right when they open the gates early.

Alum Rock Ave/Service Road
View from Alum Rock Ave/Service Road

Most times, when we were leaving (on a weekend day), there would be a line of cars at the gate waiting for their turn to drive in.

Also, check the website for Alum Rock Park before you leave your house, there were multiple times that when we arrived, the park was closed due to Fire Warnings.

I first went with Akaash and my brother to Alum Rock Park as soon as we had arrived to San Jose in December 2019. I was looking for a place where we could hike with a baby that wasn’t too strenuous and possibly could push a stroller, Alum Rock was perfect for this.

Side Note: Many of the trails do not have a lot of shade, I would recommend sunscreen/hats for all

For the most part, we would park at the Rustic Lands Parking Lot, and take the stroller up Alum Rock Ave and then onto the Service Road. There was usually a good amount of shade and sometimes Akaash would just fall asleep!


Stroller Friendly: 3/5 Yes, there are some trails that are stroller friendly, make sure to do your research beforehand. Alum rock ave and the service roads are paved, most of the other trails are not paved. If you are going to bring your child in a stroller, you’ll need a robust off road stroller.

Comfortable coming by myself: 5/5

Parking: Is VERY busy on weekends, weekdays you will probably not have trouble finding parking.

Food: Picnic Tables present (make sure to check the website before hand if they are available for use)

Bathrooms: Check website

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