Big Basin Redwoods State Park – Boulder Creek, California (CURRENTLY CLOSED)


Closure Notice (8/19/2020):
The park is closed due to damage caused by the CZU Lightning Complex Fires until further notice. Thank you for your patience, understanding and outpouring of support to help rebuild and restore Big Basin Redwoods State Park. To support the recovery efforts of this beloved park through our many wonderful partner organizations, please visit

The first time I went to Big Basin, I went with Akaash and my brother, we went mid week (ideal, the weekends are CRAZY). We arrived and parked across the street from the Visitors Center.

We decided to do the Sempervirens Falls Trail (3.1 miles out and back). I was glad that there were two of us to share carrying Akaash in the front carrier. Akaash was still definitely too small to be carried facing forward or in a backpack carrier.

We had a great hike, saw lots of Redwoods, and (thankfully) Akaash loves being outside.

The second time we went to Big Basin, we went on a weekend, I was careless in thinking that because we had such an easy time parking during the week, we would not have a problem on the weekend. I was wrong. VERY wrong. We arrived and the park was bursting with people. Luckily, because we have a robust midsize SUV with 4 wheel drive, we were able to take a spot that most people were avoiding. We still had an amazing time, did the same trail as my first visit, and of course Akaash had a blast. This kid loves being outdoors as much as me! (thank heavens!)

I hope that Big Basin opens again sometime soon for you to enjoy!

Quick Tips:

Driving: To get to Big Basin, there are A LOT of switchbacks/narrow roads.

Parking: If you can, go mid week, weekends are CRAZY.

Stroller: If you can, and if your baby is ready to use a backpack carrier, bring a backpack carrier. If you really need to use a stroller, make sure you do your research on which trails are stroller friendly. The trail we took: is not stroller friendly.

Bathrooms: Very very clean.

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