Filoli Gardens, Woodside, California


As you probably can guess by now, we LOVE being outside. What you might not know is that I particularly love estate gardens.

Maybe it’s because I can imagine how they were originally used, by some wealthy family, taking strolls in their expansive gardens, having picnics in the garden with their impeccably dressed children, riding horses… oh I could go on (I have a great imagination!)

When you first enter Filoli, you drive up a beautiful road to get to the entrance. The parking lot has lots of parking spaces! You’ll then go to check in.

As a tippy tip: If you need to use a stroller, it is possible, but your ability to see the entire gardens will be limited, especially if you are alone. We went once with a stroller and once with a backpack carrier, and hands down I would recommend the backpack carrier. There are a lot of steps inside the gardens, you will be constantly lifting the stroller up and down to see the whole gardens. Our experience was much more enjoyable with the backpack carrier.

Also, I would not recommend taking a stroller up the estate trail loop, it is very narrow and fairly rugged. Honestly, I think it would be dangerous to take a stroller up the estate trail loop. That said, with Akaash in the backpack carrier, it was extremely enjoyable. I would highly recommend the estate Trail loop.


Comfortable coming by myself: 5/5

Stroller Friendly: 3/5 (see above for details)

Food: Check website

Bathrooms: check website

Parking: 5/5

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