Bear Creek Redwoods Open State Preserve – Los Gatos, California


One day, while out for a drive, looking at potential locations for where we wanted to put down roots and buy a home, we passed the Bear Creek Redwoods Open State Preserve.

I remember remarking “oh wow, this place has a lot of parking and its across the street from a trailhead, we should come back here.”

Little did we know, a few weeks later, the pandemic would hit, and we’d be searching for new places to hike, as a lot of places like our favorite Alum Rock Park, would be temporarily closed.

I searched google HARD to find this place, and finally, with a little luck and intuition, and google photos, I found it!

We made a plan to go check it out during the week (I thought the weekend parking might be crazy).

We arrived and Akaash was still sleeping in the car seat. I saw that there was a walking path next to the parking lot, so we took the car seat out and put it in the stroller (thank you Chicco!) and took a few quick laps around the walking path until Akaash woke up.

Walking path next to parking lot

Once awake, we loaded him into the backpack carrier (I could see from the trailhead, this was not a stroller friendly trail for us).

We walked for about 30 minutes up and 30 minutes back on the Alma Trail. This trail (from as far as we got) is at a decent incline.

Alma Trail


Comfortable coming by myself: While I never felt in any danger on this trail, this is probably not one I would do on my own with Akaash. First, we only saw a few people on the trail when we came during the week. Second, I prefer not to do a backpack carrier hike/walk alone.

Stroller Friendly: 3/5 The area next to the parking lot is definitely stroller friendly. The Alma Trail (trailhead next to the parking lot) was not stroller friendly for us (too steep!)

Parking: During the week 5/5, easy to get a spot. But I think on the weekend I think this place would fill up quick.

Food: None available

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