Hakone Gardens – Saratoga, California


Hakone Gardens are a fantastic way to spend some time outdoors. It’s so beautiful!

Anil and I absolutely love Japanese gardens (and all gardens for that matter!) Every where we go we try to find out if there are gardens nearby and feel so lucky when there are!

As a heads up, when you get close to the entrance of Hakone Gardens, SLOW DOWN. The entrance is easy to miss if you’re driving past it quickly as you need to drive up a steep road to arrive at the parking lot to Hakone Gardens.

We came on a weekend to Hakone Gardens, and even though it was a quite warm day, I was surprised there weren’t more people here (good for us!)

We had to wait in a short line to buy our tickets from the gift shoppe and away we went.

We asked the woman in the gift shoppe if she recommended we use our stroller or backpack carrier. She said we could use our stroller if we really needed to, but she said that if we wanted to see the whole Gardens, the backpack carrier would be better. I was glad I asked, she was right! There is definitely limited access to the gardens with a stroller.

We lathered up Akaash in sunscreen and put on his sun hat and started the one way path around the gardens.

While we were exiting, I said to Anil, let me just go ask the woman in the gift shoppe if we can put our tickets towards a yearly membership, the worst she can say is no! Luckily, she said yes!


Comfortable coming by myself: 5/5

Food: None available

Stroller Friendly: 3/5

Parking: 5/5 (Free parking lot immediately outside the entrance to the gardens)

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