Spencer State Forest – Spencer, Massachusetts

As it’s started to get colder in Massachusetts, we’ve had to start to get creative with ways to meet friends outside. Our friends suggested meeting for lunch at Spencer State Forest. I said, let’s go!

We picked up lunch at Panera in Sturbridge and drove over to Spencer State Forest. When we arrived, we realized it was windier (so much colder) than we thought it would be.

Akaash, always the champ, ate his butternut squash soup, happy as a clam.

We finished our lunch and realized there was a trailhead right next to the parking lot. I had brought Akaaashs backpack carrier and away we went. I definitely would not recommend a stroller on this trail.

This is a great little State Forest!


Comfortable coming by myself: 5/5

Stroller friendly: yes for the area near the picnic tables, no for the hiking trail.

Food: none available

Bathrooms: currently closed, check website for updates

Parking: big parking lot right next to trailhead and picnic tables

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