deCordova Sculpture Park – Lincoln, Massachusetts

My husband and I have been going to deCordova Sculpture park for YEARS. This placed is so well designed. (And here’s a tippy tip, if you’re in the area, check out the Gropius House too, it’s not to miss!)

The last time we came with Akaash, it was COLD. It had just snowed, and all the sculptures and grounds were sooooo beautiful being covered in a fresh snowfall.

We had picked up some donuts at Union Square Donuts in Somerville and Akaash napped all the way to deCordova. We sat in the car, devouring our donuts (we said we would eat just one, but WHO can do that with Union Square Donuts!?!)

We packed Akaash into the stroller and away we went. I was glad we brought the stroller, because even though we weren’t able to see all the grounds, I think it would have been too slippery after the fresh snowfall to have Akaash run around or have him in the back back carrier.


Stroller Friendly: 4/5 Most of the grounds are stroller friendly, but there are some parts that are not. You can still see enough of the grounds with a stroller to make a trip here worthwhile

Comfortable coming by myself: 5/5

Parking: 5/5 There is a parking lot (free) right outside the entrance to the museum

Food: Check the website

Bathrooms: Available

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