Dr. Seuss Museum – Springfield, Massachusetts

How did I not know there was a Dr. Seuss Museum in Springfield? I knew there was the Dr. Seuss Sculpture Garden, but a museum?!? I said, let’s go!

The day we went, there was literally no one else inside the museum except us!

We went on a weekday, had no trouble finding parking right outside the museum entrance, and away we went.

I brought Akaash in the stroller and then as soon as we got inside I quickly realized this place was totally safe for him to run around (supervised, there are some pretty precarious open staircases around!)

The staff was so friendly and interested in making our visit as special as possible.

He was soooooooo excited by all the colors and things he could TOUCH!

We were able to get in for FREE with our NARM membership.

One highlight: They have Theodor Geisel’s baby book. You can’t touch it of course, so they’ve scanned the pages and have them on repeat on a projection screen. His baby book! How sweet!

Honestly, I can’t wait to go back.


Stroller Friendly: 5/5 (There’s also an elevator inside)

Comfortable coming by myself: 5/5 I would feel comfortable coming here alone with Akaash

Parking: 5/5 There is a parking lot right outside the museum entrance

Food: Check the website

Bathrooms: 5/5

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