Eric Carle Museum – Amherst, Massachusetts

TEMPORARILY CLOSED: As of the date of this post, The Eric Carle Museum is temporarily closed. I will try to update this post as soon as they open back up again.

It was a rainy day when I looked at Akaash and said (to my nonverbal 13 month old), “we need to get out of the house!”

I packed him into the car and away we went. It was a quick 40 minute drive up to Amherst and luckily when we arrived it was only drizzling.

We parked and I loaded him in the stroller and went inside.

It was a weekday so there were not a lot of people at the museum.

This is not a large museum. There are two galleries, an art studio and a theater. We quickly walked through the two art galleries (and then walked through again to buy up some time).

When I had entered, the very kind staff asked me if I’d like to sign up for an art class for Akaash. They were doing art classes by appointment only. I declined, thinking whatever art supplies they had, he would probably just try to eat!

We stayed for about an hour, walking around the galleries and watching one of the videos being played in the theater (narrated by John Lithgow!).

It’s a great little museum. During our visit, there were not any other small children there, so it felt like a “museum museum.” I think if there had been other children there, it wouldn’t have felt so quiet!

We had a great time, and I can’t wait for them to open back up again so we can head back again!


Parking: 5/5 There is a free parking lot right outside the entrance to the museum

Comfortable coming by myself: 5/5 I took Akaash by myself and would do so again

Stroller Friendly: 5/5

Food: None available

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