New England Air Museum – Windsor Locks, Connecticut


This Air Museum really surprised me. When we arrived, I thought, “oh we’re going to see some planes, this is going to be cool.” But when you go inside you realize how MASSIVE this place is. I thought it was just one hanger. It’s not. It’s THREE hangers, full of planes! There are also planes outside on the back lawn!

To anyone who is an aviation enthusiast, this place is a must see.

When I looked on the website I was happy to see we did not have to buy our tickets in advance. (Make sure you check the website before your arrival) We went on a weekday and when we arrived there were very few people inside the museum.

Akaash was ridiculously interested in looking at all the planes (and the ceiling fans!)

We started walking around the first hanger and were quickly impressed with the way each aircraft/item was organized and listed its significance.

There are so many items and so much information, you really could spend a significant amount of time here.


Stroller Friendly: 5/5

Comfortable coming by myself: 5/5 I would definitely feel safe bringing Akaash here on my own

Museum Store: 5/5 I bought a print for Akaash’s bedroom!

Tickets: At the time of our visit, we did not need to buy our tickets in advance (check the website before your visit)

Food: There is a small dining area with vending machines (but I think it might have been currently closed due to Covid, please call Air Museum for information regarding this). There are picnic tables set up outside to use.

Parking: There is a parking lot (free) right outside the entrance to the museum

Bathrooms: Available

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