Bright Nights with Toddler – Springfield, Massachusetts

VISITED DECEMBER 2020 – Bright Nights event is now over for the season

What better way to get us in the Christmas spirit than a trip to Bright Nights!

I will have to say, overall, it was a fantastic experience (my first time, can you believe it!?!)

We arrived around 5:30pm on a Tuesday night and the lanes were designated early on for Thru Traffic/Bright Nights Traffic (thank you City of Springfield!)

We had to buy our tickets in advance and show them at the beginning of the Bright Nights loop. Once you get it, it’s a one way loop and it’s so beautiful! Next year we’ll try to go after a fresh snowfall.

It was a mild evening, so I was able to keep the windows open for part of the ride so that Akaash could get the full experience.

Honestly, I didn’t realize that the loop was so long! This is great, so so many lights!

I would highly recommend this event.


Stroller Friendly: No. You are required to stay in your vehicle at all times while doing the Bright Nights Loop.

Tickets: Check the website to make sure you don’t need to buy your tickets in advance (this year, it was required to have advance tickets)

Choose your night carefully: Tuesdays this year were the “discount $10 nights” It was VERY VERY busy on Tuesday nights. If you have a toddler in the car, I would suggest instead going on a different night to go. Unless you have a very patient toddler who doesn’t mind being in their car seat for an extended period of time. (My toddler right now can be in his car seat for about an hour)

Driving there: When arriving close to Forest Park, be aware of the indicated lanes for turning into Forest Park for Bright Nights. The city does an amazing job at keeping lanes separate for thru traffic and Bright Nights traffic, you just have to be aware of the correct lane to move into before its too late!

Comfortable coming by myself: 5/5 Yes, I would feel perfectly safe driving here by myself with Akaash

Bathrooms: None Available

Food: None Available

Parking: None available


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