Christmas by Candlelight – Old Sturbridge Village -Sturbridge, Massachusetts

VISITED DECEMBER 2020 – The Christmas by Candlelight event is now over for the season.

I think that a visit to Old Sturbridge Village is always a good idea. I absolutely love this place. I have a membership and I really do try to go as much as possible. It’s a wonderful place for a safe outdoor visit.

Christmas by Candlelight is an evening event where the whole of Old Sturbridge Village is lit up by real candles and string lights and bonfires

Of course in the 19th century there were no string lights BUT it sure does make it a beautiful scene at night!

They also have horse drawn carriage rides available (free!)

If you are planning to go next year (the event is now over for the season) I would suggest you buy your tickets in advance, event nights do sell out in advance. This is a popular event!


Comfortable coming by myself: There were daytime start-time options available this year and I would definitely feel comfortable taking Akaash by myself during the daytime for this event. If it were nighttime, I would probably would bring someone with me. I at no time felt unsafe in the parking lot, I’m just not a big fan of bringing my small child with me alone into any parking lot after sundown.

Stroller friendly: 5/5 (depending on the weather, this is a winter event, I would suggest calling Old Sturbridge Village beforehand if you are concerned about using your stroller during your visit)

Bathrooms: 5/5

Food: Check the website, the cafe was open this year, and I’ve found the food is very very good at Old Sturbridge Village. They also have MANY picnic tables set up outside.

Parking: There is a very large parking lot (free) right outside the entrance to the museum

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