Basketball Hall of Fame – Springfield, Massachusetts

I’ve now been to the Basketball Hall of Fame TWICE with Akaash within a month. This place is amazing.

Is it too cold outside? Snowing? Raining? Too hot? Then you know where I’ll probably be? At the Basketball Hall of Fame!

The ONLY downside is the ticket price, $28 for adults, OUCH! At least Akaash’s tickets are still free.

Even so, the facility is fantastic.

First off, Parking. There is a parking lot right outside the museum entrance (free) and then you walk right into the museum.

Once you get inside and pay for your tickets, they also give you a stylus/pen (to keep!) to use during your visit. This is great, because now you can use all of the interactive mediums safely and also press the elevator buttons safely.

After checking in, I would recommend watching the video in the theater behind the checkin desk (it says what time its starting next).

Next, there are 3 floors to the museum (start at the top) and you’ll find a lot to do/see on each floor.

BUT my favorite part is definitely the ground floor, where there is a Basketball court for all ages. The staff was so kind in getting Akaash a baby size basketball to play with (even though he wanted nothing to do with it and only wanted to run around/lick the adult size basketball). There was someone there disinfecting ALL the balls as soon as they were returned.


Parking: 5/5 There is a parking lot right outside the museum entrance.

Staff: 5/5, The staff here (ALL of them) could not have done enough to make our visit memorable and enjoyable.

Comfortable coming by myself: 5/5 I went here by myself with Akaash and another time with my husband. I felt completely safe during daylight.

Tickets: As of the date of this post, you do not need to buy tickets in advance (but you should always check the website)

Stroller friendly: 5/5

Bathrooms: 5/5

Covid 19 Safety precautions: 5/5

Food: There are food options in the same building as the Basketball Hall of Fame

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