Norman Rockwell Museum – Stockbridge, Massachusetts

The drive was short and sweet from the house to the Norman Rockwell Museum (a little over an hour). We got in the car right around nap time for Akaash and he napped the whole way there! (yes!!!!!)

When we arrived into Stockbridge, MA we almost turned around to drive around the Main Street again. Stockbridge Main Street is so quaint and charming. I can’t wait to go back after a fresh snowfall. It is a truly quintessential New England Main Street.

When we arrived to the Museum (around 12:30pm on a Friday) we were surprised there were only TWO other cars in the parking lot. I unloaded Akaash into the stroller and away we went. The museum grounds and museum itself are amazingly stroller friendly.

We went to the restrooms first and as soon as my mom came out (she knew I was taking photo’s for IG) she said “You have to get a photo of the bathroom! It’s so clean!” I agree, it is definitely one of the cleanest bathrooms I’ve seen. I would have not hesitated to change Akaash’s diaper on that changing table.

We went to check in and EVERYONE in the museum was so happy to see us! (and of course Akaash). I was so happy to see everyone wearing their masks properly and everyone socially distancing appropriately. (As of the date of this post, we did need to buy our timed tickets in advance of arrival, so please do check the website before your visit)

We first went to check out the video downstairs (There is an elevator!). Please note: as of the date of this post, there are currently no benches (because of Covid19) to sit for the ~12minute video, but there was a bench right outside the video viewing area.

We then went back upstairs to view ALL the galleries (currently a one way designated route). There is artwork from Norman Rockwell and many other wonderful artists. We ended the trip in the Gift Shop and I of course bought a mug.

As we belong to NARM (North American Reciprocal Museum) with our Old Sturbridge Village Membership, our visit to the Norman Rockwell Museum was FREE, saving us almost $40!

As we left the museum, it was time for Akaash for stretch his legs and run around for a bit before we got back in the car, the grounds of the museum were great for this.

Honestly, I can’t wait to go back, and this time we’ll hopefully be able to walk around Stockbridge Main Street!

Happy Travels. -Rachel


Comfortable coming by myself: (5/5). I would feel very comfortable coming here with Akaash by myself.

Stroller Friendly: Absolutely. (5/5) There is also a walking path around the museum.

Parking: There is a free parking lot right next to the museum.

Bathroom: Very very clean, easy to get a stroller in/out (5/5)

Food: I would suggest bringing food if you need it. The cafe is currently closed for the season (as of the date of this post). We ate granola bars before we went in on the benches outside the museum. We also fed Akaash small pieces of toast inside the museum (no one seemed to have a problem with this).

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